ZALDI Spanish saddles

For four generations, Zaldi ,one of Europe leading saddle manufacturers have been constructing, designing and improving saddles.
This is the result of continued investigation and scientific research combined with skill, quality commitment and artistry.

Plus New custom colour system - have your saddle in your own personal colours...

We are also the endorsed UK REPRESENTATIVES for ZALDI, SPAIN

Please email if you wish to be sent a new Zaldi catalogue of exciting, inovative saddles...subject: Zaldi Catalogue

All Zaldi saddles are custom made to fit your horse. Choose your required saddle MODEL from our selection of Zaldi saddles or visit if you do not see the saddle of your choice HERE. We are fully trained and endorsed by Zaldi Spain to order the correct size of saddle for your horse.  For full instructions on how to take templates and photographs of your horse please go to the Home page, top left at the Saddle Template sizing guide. We can also make small alterations to your new saddle also using special equipment supplied to us by Zaldi, Spain if neccessary.

If you should like to take advantage of this free e-saddle fitting service please email us your photographs and templates

ZALDI SADDLES are especially suitable for all Spanish type horses including Lusitanas and Andalusians.


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The double flap saddle which rides like a single flap! NEW IMPROVED!

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The ultimate comfort in Endurance saddles

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